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    12-15 Wristband Exchange at Bar Passion

    15.30 Wristband exchange begins at Särkänniemi front gates

    16.00 Gates open at Särkänniemi

    16.00 Särkänniemi rides open

    17.00 Dildo Bingo at Beach stage

    18.00 Show and games start at Main stage

    18.30 UniDance performs at Main stage

    19.00 Dildo Bingo at Beach stage

    19.00 Wristband exchange ends at Särkänniemi front gates

    20.00 Surprise artist’s showtime

    20.30 Bus rides to the city center start

    21.00 After parties open

    21.30 Särkänniemi rides close

    22.00 Gates close at Särkänniemi

    00.30 After party artists showtime

    04.00 After parties last call

  • The event area holds multiple different activities in addition to the amusement park rides. You can compete in several different games and find fun activities all around Särkänniemi. By participating in the activities you can also win some great prizes!


    • Rodeo duck (between Pizzeria Pelle and Trombi)
    • Horizontal Bungee & Gladiator (Motogee square)
    • Adventure track Salama (Tornado hill)
    • Bouncing castle (next to Hype)
    • Two hot tubs, sauna and changing room (near the Main stage)

    Games and lotteries

    • Games at Main stage starting from 18.00
    • Dildo Bingo at Beach stage at 17 and 19
    • SÄRMÄ-CHALLENGE from 16-21 (Instructions and challenges to be announced in Särkän Märkä’s Instagram)
    • Partnership stands at Central Square
    • Surprise artist on Main stage at 20.00!
  • The event is sold out.

  • You can exchange your Kide-app tickets for the event wristbands on the event day 26.4.

    From 12-15 Bar Passion, Tullikamarin aukio 1, Tampere

    From 15.30 onwards at Särkänniemi, ticket booths at the main gate

  • Entrance to the event area is through the main gate of Särkänniemi.

    The gate opens at 16.00. The event is only for people over the age of 18. Please prepare to prove your identity (identity card, driving license or passport) at the gates.

    The transportation from Särkänniemi to Keskustori starts at 20.30. The buses leave from the main gate. Th event area closes at 22.00.

    Throwing up or other purposeful damage falling upon buses used for transportation will be charged 200€ per damage.

  • Bringing your own drinks to the event area is strictly forbidden and they will be removed at security check. The security check is located near the gates.

    Bringing empty drink containers to the area is allowed. You are also allowed to bring your own snacks.

  • The supervised cloakroom is located next to the main entrance. You can leave your belongings at the cloakroom for a service fee (3€) for the duration of the event.

    You can pay the service fee either in cash or Mobilepay.

    Instructions for lost and found from the event area will be informed after the event.

  • The whole area of Särkänniemi is premises for serving alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages and other drinks can be bought from the restaurants, kiosks and some game stations. Bringing your own drinks is strictly forbidden.