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Särkän Märkä takes over Tampere once again in the spring 2019 when students all around Finland gather to celebrate at Särkänniemi amusement park! Along with all the rides there’s shows, competitions and DJs keeping the party going! The night obviously doesn’t end there, when Finland’s hottest artists take the stage at the after-parties!


Thank you for your interest! We will publish the whole program and the schedule during the spring.


The public transportation runs from Särkänniemi to Tampere city downtown. The busstops nearest to the Särkänniemi entrance are Mustalahti (0056) and Särkänniemi (0057). If You are using GPS-tracking the address for Särkänniemi is Laiturinkatu 1. When it is time to head to the afterparty, the busses will transfer the partypeople From the Särkänniemi entrance to Tampere city centre for free.


In the Särkänniemi area You find a lot of different amusement rides, music, food, drinks and amazing atmosphere. Attached map below shows You the places to exchange Your ticket, the bus stops, restaurants, rides, toilets and everything else You may need.


Thank You for your interest! We will publish the bars and the artists during the spring.